4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Fruit Machine

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grange valley1 900x601

Fruit machines are a timeless gaming facility often found in pubs, clubs, arcades and casinos. They are operated by buttons that cause the machine to display a random mixture of fruit symbols, and when the right combinations match up, a cash prize is won. At the moment we have a total of four different categories of fruit machines available to hire. Each of these differs in what amount of money can be won etc. and we want our customers to receive the highest fulfillment from our service.

Here are 4 reasons why you should hire a fruit machine.

They keep customers entertained

As stated above, it is most common to find fruit machines in pubs and clubs, which is where a lot of our customers come from. Suffice to say that nine times out of ten when you visit one of those places, you will probably see somebody on the fruit machine. By hiring a fruit machine for your establishment, you can provide hours of entertainment for guests and allow them the opportunity to win a great cash prize.

A fantastic party piece

You can hire fruit machines for varying lengths of time, and one reason why you may want to do so is for a party. If you are hosting an event and are looking for ways to give that little bit extra, hiring a fruit machine is the perfect way to do so. Our machines are modern and up to date as we aim to provide our customers with the very best. The perfect way to entertain your guests!

It gives your guests a chance to win big

With cash prizes of up to £500, hiring a fruit machine is a great way to give your guests an opportunity to win large amounts of money all whilst having harmless fun. Hundreds of pounds can be won by stakes as little as £1 or £2 – a gamble that can’t possibly be missed! This is also a great way to keep high spirits amongst your customers, as it allows them to share the moment with everyone around them if they are lucky enough to win, therefore encouraging others to play.

There are no limits

Fruit machines come in all different shapes and sizes and here at Grange Valley Amusements, we don’t limit our customers to any one particular kind. We have a few different options available which include…


•Club fruit machines

•Up to £2 stake with maximum of £400 win

•Higher the stake, higher the payout

•Compete with the bookies with the most popular fruit machines in private members clubs


•For pubs and bars

•Maximum £1 stake with maximum £100 win

•Most popular machines in pubs and bars

•Latest models available


•Exclusive to private members clubs

•Maximum £500 win

•Random payout – everyone has the same chance of winning

•Free trial available


Overall, fruit machines are a fantastic way to impress any of your customers. With technology taking so many advanced twists and turns these days, it’s important to keep some old classic games active and present, don’t you agree?

If you’d like to discuss hiring a fruit machine, speak to us today on 01925 232 172 or by emailing grangevalleyamusements@hotmail.co.uk.