5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fruit Machines

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pubfruit 640x390

Although fruit machines are extremely popular now and always have been, we’re sure there are a few things you don’t know about them, or maybe things you’re unsure about. Fruit machines never used to go by this name, and now they are known under all kinds. One of the most common of these being slot machines – but we’ll talk about why they’re referred to as fruit machines a little later in the blog.

So, here are five things you may not know about fruit machines!

When they were made…

Fruit machines were actually made all the way back in the late 1800s, so they really are a timeless classic. The very first one was invented in San Francisco by a man called Charles Fay, and to this day their popularity has not died down and they continue to be just as popular throughout pubs, clubs and casinos. Fruit machines have been a traditional feature of pubs and casinos for as long as we can remember, and so it’s great to know that they’re still a huge hit and provide a thrill to all those that try their luck on them.

They produce good revenue

Aside from fruit machines being a big hit with punters, they do in fact introduce a brilliant revenue stream to the business. With most casinos, it’s often found that the money made through their fruit machines, actually makes up the majority of its revenue.

There’s no secret strategy to win!

To put it plainly, it’s pretty much all down to luck. There’s no set strategy that will help you win as everything on the fruit machine is completely generated at random, and so because of this, there’s never any guarantee for you to win big. It’s simply all down to being lucky when you play. However, because of this gambling element, it encourages people to carry on playing in the hope that they do get lucky and win big, so it’s all round great for everyone!

Have you ever wondered where the ‘fruit’ part comes from?

Fruit machines never used to be known by this name, until the symbols on the reels changed, starting with some cherries. Due to legal changes with slot machines and the restrictions that were put in place all the way back in the early 1900s, the reels on the machines were updated to fruit symbols, as winnings weren’t given in the form of money. Oh no, way back then, they were given in the form of fruit flavoured chewing gum, and the winning symbols dictated what flavour of gum you would receive. Crazy, right?! Despite the huge shift in era, we have kept the classic fruit symbols on the reels along with the name as this is what they’re so well known for.

Why they’re so addictive…

Now none of us can deny that fruit machines can be incredibly addictive, but the question is, why? Well, there are many reasons as to why, but we’re going to point out the biggest. Firstly, the results are pretty much instant and are provided on a constant basis, so you can always see your progress and outcomes. As a result, this encourages you to keep on playing until you achieve the goals you’ve set out for. Furthermore, you play by yourself, and so there’s no one else to distract you. You can play at your own pace and make your own decisions with no pressure from anybody. Finally, due to the high pace of it and constant results, it really stimulates your mind, therefore making you become slightly addicted!