Facts About Fruit Machines You’ll Love

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Along with several other game machines, fruit machines have become something we expect to see when we’re out in the likes of pubs, clubs and casinos. They are a timeless classic and keep punters entertained for hours. But, how much do we really know about fruit machines? We may have spent a lot of time and money playing on them throughout our lives, but without actually knowing that much about them, their history, and the odds of winning.

So, we wanted to tell you a few things about the history of fruit machines!

1 They’ve been around since the late 1800’s

Although you wouldn’t think it, the first variations of the fruit machines we all know and love, date all the way back to the late 1800s. Of course, it goes without saying that over time they have become much more advanced, but the first proper mechanical designs of them were brought into existence all those years ago and have been loved by different generations ever since. Charles Fey invented them, as a fun gambling device to keep people entertained. Furthermore, they didn’t actually originate over here in the UK, as Fey came up with the design in San Francisco.

2 It’s completely random

Unlike other casino games, you can’t improve your chances of striking lucky on a fruit machine in any way, as the odds are totally random and the outcome is completely unpredictable. It’s all down to the three symbols matching up in order for you to win big, but you can’t do anything to increase the probability of this happening.

3 They’re the most popular casino attraction

If you walk into any casino, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they will be lined with fruit machines for visitors to try and win money on. This is because they are the most popular attraction in there, an actually generate more revenue than anything else on offer. So many people play on the fruit machines religiously to try and win, and this desire works out pretty well for the owners as it means the machines are taking a lot of money!

4 The odds never change

Contrary to what some believe, the odds of winning on a fruit machine never change. They can’t be increased nor affected by any factors at all. Even if someone has only recently won big and therefore taken a lot of money from the machine, the odds of you winning when you next play stand as exactly the same.

5 They go by all kinds of names

It doesn’t even necessarily matter what part of the world you’re from, lots of people call fruit machines by all kinds of different names. This includes: Slot machines, the slots, one armed bandits and pokies.

6 They are very addictive

It’s a proven fact that becoming addicted to fruit machines happens more easily and quickly than a lot of other methods of gambling. They have an extremely addictive quality, leaving players with the desire and need to play continuously and keep trying to win more money. The results are very rapid, so you don’t have to wait around and find out the outcome, it’s just constant, which adds to people no wanting to stop playing as it’s extremely stimulating for the mind as well as satisfying.

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