Liven the Place Up with a Jukebox

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Jukeboxes were popular for many many years, and recently they seem to have come back into fashion a little more. They are often found in pubs and bars, and allow you to select music to play. They date all the way back to the late 1800s, when they were invented. However, nowadays, some jukeboxes are designed to be a bit more modern and aren’t as limited to particular features and settings, and ways of actually playing music.

We thought we’d give you a little bit more information about jukeboxes, and how they can liven up your establishment and be a big hit with your customers.

About jukeboxes and the history of them

Back in the 1950s – 1970s, jukeboxes became particularly popular around America, where they could be found in pubs and cafes. They were one of the first ever devices with the ability to play music, and certainly by select choice. They were coin operated, and so users had to insert money in order to pick and play their favourite songs. It wasn’t until the early-mid 1900s that jukeboxes became really popular and there was an extremely high demand for them. To many, it was remarkable that this device had the ability to blast music to a whole room of people. However, as technology saw more and more advancements in the way of music, the popularity of jukeboxes did somewhat decrease, but in this day and age, the traditional and vintage quality of them is largely appreciated and they’re a great way to liven the place up and blast some great music.

Digital jukeboxes

Technology now is at a level we never could have predicted back when jukeboxes were at the height of their popularity. So, one of the things we provide here at Grange Valley Amusements, are digital jukeboxes. Although with ultimately the same purpose, our digital machines bring a modern twist and a lot more appeal and opportunity. They have a HD touchscreen and are the most advanced jukebox technology you can get. The interactive touchscreen interface allows you to browse through all kinds of music before you select the perfect song. The music database on these jukeboxes is a lot wider than they used to be.

Digital jukeboxes are so advanced now that you are actually able to play music through your phone. This allows you to select your own songs that are downloaded to your smartphone, and play them through the amplified speakers. Furthermore, they also include the fresh and updated UK singles chart. So, you always have access to the latest hits.

Why you should get a jukebox

Although jukeboxes are a traditional and popular feature of pubs, bars and cafes, our new digital jukeboxes put a whole new spin on them. Because of the modern touches, they are more sleek and appealing to the new generation, and speak to them in a language they understand. Having a jukebox creates excitement and fun, and we think it’s the perfect way to liven things up.

If you’re interested in getting a jukebox for you establishment, we’d love to help. Speak to us today on 01925 232 172 or send an email to