The Importance of Security

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DSCF2808 Copy 900x675

Here at Grange Valley Amusements, we provide secure, tried and tested security cabinets for our machines. As games machines are our primary focus throughout the business, we thought it was paramount that some good security was put in place to keep things running smoothly.

Here is a little bit of information about our security cabinets, and some of the benefits you could see from having one.

About our security cabinets

Security cabinets are built with a shutter and locks to keep your games machine safe and secure. They are mostly used within the likes of clubs, casinos, pubs, or anywhere where you may be storing a games machine to cater for the general public. The whole purpose of them is to ensure that the money from the machine is kept safe, and that nobody can gain access to the machine and contents of it, that shouldn’t. They are proven to be very beneficial and convenient to those in charge of games machines, and help to keep everything in one place and protected, ultimately reducing any worries or concerns you may have.

The importance of security

Security is always of vital importance, but even more so where large amounts of money are involved. It’s because of this reason we provide security cabinets to ensure that it’s always kept protected and safe. The cabinet itself completely covers the machine and lock up so that only the keyholder has access to it. This reduces hassle when closing up and ensures that everything is kept organised.

Features of security cabinets

Whilst we’ve covered some of the basic points about having a security cabinet for your machine, we thought it’s be beneficial to list the features below…

•Fully welded 16 gauge steel shell with 10 point locking system

•Shutter door drops behind bottom panel preventing all possible entry gaps. Fully welded 16 gauge bottom panel

•Bevelled edges for additional security

•High security “Master Locksmith” approved locking system

•Optional high frequency tamper alarm

Benefits of having a security cabinet

So now we’ve given you a full list of features, we wanted to run through some of the benefits you gain from having a security cabinet. These include:

•No heavy lifting required

•Extensively tested “Up and Over” wide lap door with smooth easy action

•Secure with just one key

•Unique securing system holds shutter firm when closed

•Attractive and neat design

•Subtle new metallic finish to blend in with decor

•Lightweight action so anyone can use it

•New “swing away” bottom pay tray for ease of collection and service

If you have a games machine on your property, we really do urge you to get a security cabinet for it if you haven’t already. If this is something you’re considering, please get in touch with us today on 01925 232172.